Florida Holocaust Museum In Florida

The Florida Holocaust Museum In St. Petersburg, Florida, is a museum dedicated to the Holocaust. It was founded in 1992 and relocated to its current location in 1998. Before this date, the museum was called the Holocaust Center. Before it opened in 1999, it operated in a temporary space. The museum has a diverse collection of artifacts, photographs, videos, and audio recordings. Visitors can learn more about the Holocaust through the museum’s interactive multimedia displays. More can be found here.

The Holocaust Center is a vital resource for educators and community members. The museum also offers educator workshops and educational resources. It offers numerous opportunities for students, including Skype meetings with survivors. It also has “Teaching Trunks,” a collection of materials for all grade levels, including books, CDs, and picture books. The museum provides lessons for students that focus on historical perspectives and create community. It is staffed by one full-time educator passionate about educating the public. Click here to read about The Sunken Gardens In St Petersburg, Florida.

The main exhibit at the museum, titled History, Heritage, and Hope, features original artifacts from the Holocaust. Survivor testimony is archived along with 400 original artifacts. The museum also features exhibits related to other victim groups. Another exhibit features a rail car, Boxcar 113 069-5. Boxcars are transported from concentration camps to death camps. In addition to the museum’s leading exhibition, the Florida Holocaust Museum also offers education programs.